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About Day of the Week Clocks

A day of the week clock tells you the day of the week and the approximate time of day (a.m., noon, p.m.).  It takes one week for your day clock hand to make one rotation around the dial. You will not be able to see the hand move because it moves very slowly around the dial. The cTc Day Clock hand does not “jump” to the day like some other brands of day clocks.

To set and operate your clock:

  1. Most of our day of the week clocks come with a AA alkaline battery pre-installed.  Proceed to step 2 if there is no battery installed.  If your day clock is shipped with a battery already installed, skip to step 3.
  2. Before placing a battery in your clock, make sure the "7-day/24-Hour" switch on the back of the movement is on 7 DAY or to the left.  Most of our day of the week clocks come already preset to 7-day.  (Just ignore the 24-hour setting.  This is used for another type of clock.)
  3. If your clock does not come with a AA battery or when you need to replace an old battery, place the new alkaline AA battery in with the positive end to the right.
  4. Turn the wheel on the back of the movement to the correct day and approximate time of time by placing a ball point pen in one of the outer holes on the wheel to make it turn.
  5. If you want to be more accurate, when your local time is 12 o'clok noon, place the hand between the two zeros in the wood "noon" on the correct day you are setting your clock.  If your clock dial style does not have the word noon on the dial, just turn the hand to the middle of the day at 12 o'clock your time.
  6. You should not have to reset your clock until your battery runs down, usually about a year.