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Day Of The Week Clock Motors

Make your own day of the week clock with our day clock motors that tell you the day of the week and if it is morning, noon, or evening. It takes one week for the hand to rotate one time around the dial or change switch on back for 24 hour rotation.  Battery not included with motor. Standard clock hour hands will not fit this movement.  To learn more about how day clocks works, click this link:

  ABOUT DAY OF THE WEEK CLOCKS  .Check Bulk Pricing                                                

 FYI standard clock hour hands will not fit this movement but tide clock hand(s) may be purchased and I can drill out the mounting hole to 13/16 inch to fit the day clock movement. Or you may drill them or drill your on hand fit. I do need to know if you would like the TIDE hand(s) made to fit the Day Movement or as is. Note #2H, 9hc, 28H, 21HC and 36H have bushing and can not be made to fit.