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Tide Clock Motors

Choose from our selection of quartz TIDE clock motors. These tide clock motors use only ONE hand. Our motors may be purchased with a basic 3 inch straight hand that can be cut to fit with household scissors or without a hand and you use your hand or select a hand in the "Tide Clock Hands" section.  

Used this guide for purchase the correct shaft size.

Dials up to:   1/16 inch thick use TM7.8  ( no threads - snap or glue in ) - *step

                     1/8 inch thick use TM5.2  threaded part of shaft is 13/64" or 5.2mm - *sweep

                     1/4 inch thick use TM8.7  threaded part of shaft is 11/32" or 8.7mm - *sweep

                   1/2 inch thick use TM15.4  threaded part of shaft is 39/64" or 15.4mm - *step

                      3/4 inch thick use TM31  threaded part of shaft is 15/16" or 23.8mm - *sweep

 For total shaft length with cap pin on shaft add about 1/4 inch or 6mm to above measurements

* We are changing our tide movement from step ( tick, tick, tick ) type to a sweep (quiet continuous sweep no tick) 

Do not get TM7.8 and TM8.7 mixed up.         

 If not familiar with tide movements or where they work you might check our ABOUT TIDES link above.