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Time Clock Motor & Hand Combinations

Time clock hand and motor combinations - unless stated, these combos DO NOT INCLUDE MOTOR COVER OR HANGER - only hands and motor. They are designed to be used with your own dial or substrate to create your personal DIY project. 

Here's how to select the correct combination for your project:

1) Choose your hand style. HINT: Clock hands are measured from the center mounting hole to the tip of the minute hand.  

2) Choose your motor and shaft size. Please read shaft measurements to choose correct size for your project..

3) The" MS" series is our silent, continuous SWEEP motor. It moves around the dial in a continuous motion without a tick tock sound.  MS19, MS21, MS26 will run any of our hands the MS31 will run any hand 14 inch and smaller. 

For dial thickness up to:

1/8" use MS19

1/4" use MS21

1/2" use MS26

13/16" use MS31 

If a cover or hanger is needed, please purchase separately under our ACCESSORIES link.

For complete clock kits which include motor covers, select our WALL CLOCK KITS link. These kits are designed to be mounted to any flat surface.